Local Art Walk

Reese Owen Helman

I Love creating Art and I work primarily in acrylics, pen, ink and pencil. 

I started my art career with my sister Mason at the Age of 7 when we opened our first painted yard rocks stand in the driveway of our family house in Baltimore. Who needs lemonade right? We were able to support our Ice cream truck habit for about 2 days and then moved on to other endeavors like stair sledding and popcorn battles.

I studied at Baltimore School for the Arts where I honed my painting and clay skills and then backpacked around the US for a couple years with my sketchbooks. 

I worked at a small Raku ceramic shop in Eugene Oregon mixing glazes in the "beer brewing room" and using the make shift propane yard kiln freely.  I was completely mesmerized by the ancient Japanese Raku firing techniques.

 I am from Baltimore and have since lived in Oregon, Washington, New York City, Hawaii and I have my home base studio in beautiful Carlsbad Beach, San Diego.  My art is inspired by my adventures, The outdoors and it's creatures and also the phenomenal people I meet along the way.

Check out more on the artist website reeseowenart.com, Facebook Reese Owen Art and Instagram @thisisreese