Local Art Walk

Maria Elena Cruz

Throughout my life, art has been a way for me to feel and heal. When I didn't feel safe enough to express myself verbally or by writing in journals that someone could read, I would draw. Drawing out my emotions was my release. Just as much as I need to release anxiety and pain, it is also an opportunity to create a new vision for my life... to paint the picture that I want to see in my reality. Because my work has always been so personal, I was very shy about sharing it. But once I realized how much my paintings inspired others, it became my ambition for my art to not only be a journey of self discovery, but to arouse passions of hope for humanity and to speak in a universal voice for the family of man. I hope to bring my lexicon of emotions into the lives of people who are searching for inspiration, optimism and love.

I also work with various organization by setting up interactive art workshops that engage community member. Please visit dialart.org for more information.

Check out more at the artist website.