Local Art Walk

Elizabeth Keating

I make art because to me it feels like revealing a hidden world. I approach each piece with a question, “What’s next?” Line by line, color by color I map out a visionary landscape of an otherwise unexplainable world. I am inspired to create these drawings because I want to find out for myself what will turn out. Every piece is a response to that question.
Because the creation of these images is such a mystery to me, nothing gives me more joy than to see and hear the interpretations of others, to explore the meaning of the work anew with each person’s unique perception of it.

I am fascinated with ornamentation. To me, these patterns and designs are the language of the visionary world. I like to layer and twist them around one another to create a sense of three dimensionality among the single dimensional patterns. My work blends styles of ornamentation throughout time and culture. I like to incorporate delicate Victorian floral patterns with rhythmic Aztec geometric pattern, to depict ancient Hebrew symbolism in Peruvian electric pink and green.
My art mirrors my life taking each moment in one tiny detail at a time forging ahead with faith that the end result will be worth the effort. I hope that my drawings serve as an inspiration to their viewers to explore the unseen world, to let go of expectation, and to accept no limitations.

I have no formal training. My work has all been created over the past 2 years as a result of a spiritual transformation.