Local Art Walk

Daniel Jaimes

Thanks to a little known space fantasy film called Star Wars which premiered in May 1977...it was by far the most amazing and Epic movie I've ever seen! As for this 10 year old native kid at that time...I was totally blown away by the special effects which inspired me to pick up a pencil and began drawing spaceships, characters and battle scenes from the movie which seemed to come natural at such a young age. Thank you George Lucas, Phil Tippett, Dennis Muren and all those at LucasFilm that brought the Saga into my life. From that moment on, I was drawing on any piece of paper I could get my hands on, and being the second youngest of 10 kids...Yes, you heard me right...10 kids, there was plenty of paper to be found! You could say it was my new way of escaping the realities of the real world and entering my own world with imagination during my childhood. My creative side continued all the way to high school and into my early twenties until my interest in art slowly began to decline due to the lack of appeal, therefore never pursuing a career in art nor exceeding it to the next level. Therefore my drawing days came to an end for the next seventeen years with no regrets...until the passing of my Father in September 2006. With only two days before the funeral services, I wanted to give my grieving Mother something very special and meaningful. So I literally locked myself up with as many photos of my Dad and just like that...began drawing all over again. What originally started as a self portrait, ended up becoming a life collage of fond memories of him. It was by far the hardest 36 hours I've had to endure. Thereby finishing the drawing on time as it stood next to his final resting place. My Mother , my Family and all those in attendance loved It...as it proudly hangs in her living room to this very day.

January, 2007 my reintroduction to art was reignited as it saved me from the hardship and affliction that was subsequently soon to follow as my personal life was turned upside down. With very little or no money...I ended up living in a tiny little room for the next two excruciating years as my artwork had now become my salvation as I kept myself in solitude and learned how to use my new set of eyes as it helped stimulate my mind with creativity and inspiration that I desperately needed instead of alcohol and anguish.

In 2009 I felt confident enough to start offering free portrait drawings for family and friends as it made me feel better knowing that my drawings were serving a purpose in someones life because the expression of gratitude is priceless! In time, my technique and drawing skills had vastly improved with the help of better tools/materials, and the hundreds of hours of non-stop practice. Afterwards, I began drawing what originally inspired me when I was just a kid. You guessed it Pop Culture and Movie Icons as a new hobby, not to mention a NEW direction for my artwork and personal life.

January, 2010 a friend convinced my reluctant self to start displaying my pencil art anywhere possible because honestly I never imagined myself doing anything like this...so I did. During this new chapter, my renew love for art was making a positive impact as I started entering art exhibits that rejuvenated my social world with new and talented friends.

March, 2010 I challenged myself again by purchasing my first canvas, brushes, acrylic paints and just started painting. OMG!...The first three attempts were disastrous and frustrating because my brushstrokes were hideous and it totally sucked! As a result, I went back to the drawing board (literally) and started painting the way I've been drawing: carefully and patiently using a Pixilating technique (painting with dots) . Pixilating has the same characteristics as the pixels on your HDTV and/or digital photos. Within a year, I saw the results of my work as my paintings had evolved piece after piece as I'm continuing to define my diligence style of painting in the solitude but now calm, quietness and peace of the night. I take my art very seriously, but at the same time I'm a kid at heart because the child in me survived. Therefore transforming me into the creative adult that I am today with a better look on life. This is just the beginning as I continue to meet and greet new people at my shows/live Art demonstrations while making new friends as I love capturing the essence of people along the way.
Present Day: My work is now recognized and appreciated by many at every exhibit I show, from people’s homes to coffee shops, wineries, respectable galleries, beautiful Hotels, live music concert halls and most of all...Charities and Auction events. Making a difference in someone's life is by far the most rewarding because giving back what I once lost is priceless! I've shipped commissioned art around this great country of ours and as far as New Zealand and Switzerland. It’s hard to say goodbye to my work when sold, but it also influences me to create more.

So what inspires me the most? Knowing it’s never too late to do what you love.

Check out more on the artist website dansartworksd.com, Instagram dansartworksd, Facebook daniel.jaimes.507.