Local Art Walk

Cheryl Ehlers

One of the engines that drives her art is the freedom to express and communicate. Believing art, at its best is creative, expressionist and emotional, Ehlers describes her art as bold and colorful . She believes that art without emotion is not art, and within everyone, your passions should be applied to that which makes you happy. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.

Cheryl Ehlers is an award winning and published artist, who likes to bring art together with people to share the awareness and value or art into everyone’s lives bringing art awareness to the forefront.” In addition to coordinating the ARTBUZZ1 newsletter for artists, she also co-sponsors art activities, and is the owner and art instructor of a non-profit, The Stardust Arts which serves underserved youth in the community. As the current arts program coordinator for the City of Encinitas, CA, she mounts 50 exhibitions a year for local artists in three galleries, is the curator for the E101 Mainstreet galleries and a “pop-up” named; 10 Hour Gallery, as well as an artist representative for the United Nations, (UNESCO).

Check out more on the artist website cherylehlersart.com.