Local Art Walk

Brandon Hubbard

In the spring of 2011, I began a small business in my home town of San Diego called Signs of San Diego, where I sell panoramic photography along with hand sketches and watercolors of well known landmarks at local farmers markets, and art walks. Since that time, I have produced more than three hundred original art pieces, using both photography and pen & ink drawings.

I sketch mainly with the use of pen & ink, while my watercolors manipulate my ink drawings by adding pockets of color, which differs from traditional watercolors. Most watercolors are drawn in with light pencil and the lines are covered over, but I glorify the lines boldly and add the color after completing the drawing. I have an extensive collection of sketches and am able to create custom pieces from any photo for both personal and professional use.

The thing that makes my panorama product unique is my innovative framing technique. Every photo is snapped by my finger and every frame is built by my hands. I create my panorama pieces by using a method I like to call deconstructive panorama photography, where I merge multiple separate photos into one larger image, then I break them back apart as separate photos, only to merge them back together at the end, having the individual photos make up the larger piece. These pieces range in size from small 4x10 desktop pieces to huge, ten foot wall sized posters, perfect for large blank walls in offices and homes.

Check out more on the artist website signsofsandiego.com.