Local Art Walk

Amber Rose Tibb

Amber Tibb was born and raised in the deserts of Southern California. She currently resides with her husband and small children in Oceanside, CA. She grew up in open spaces as a child with the freedom of the outdoors that she believes helped nourish a creative mind. She obtained her BA of Fine Art emphasizing in studio art from University of California Riverside; however, has been making art since before she can remember. Her work has been displayed at Riverside’s California Museum of Photography, the Chancellor’s Residence of UC Riverside, La Quinta Arts Foundation’s shows and other gallery exhibitions in the desert and california coastal regions.

Amber often combines raw pigments from the earth mixed with new and innovative bio resins creating a constant push pull between the natural and the synthetic. The work may also include handmade paper mixed with prior charcoal or pastel renderings merged into one mass. Some of the works build up a three-dimensional appearance as multiple layers of resin are places after each layer of medium is applied. What most of them have in common is a use of bold colors and iridescent pigments that provide vibrancy to the surrounding space in which it resides.

Check out more on the artist website amberroseart.com