Local Art Walk

Alexandra Giasullo

Two years ago all I wanted was a good camera so I could take nice pictures of things like the sunset and trees. Before my camera, I started to take pictures on an iPhone 4. I thought they were so good (I laugh now because they're blurry and terrible). Eventually, I not only discovered that I had some real potential in photography, but that I'm passionate about it beyond words. I've never taken a photography class in my life, and since I got my camera I have barely educated myself on how to use it. At first this used to discourage me and I felt like I could never progress if I didn't learn more, but I realized that's not true. I'm so proud of my work because of how little I know; its raw talent, and I wouldn't want it any other way. To take it to the next level I started setting up photo shoots and working in a hospital as a newborn photographer. I didn't feel in my element. As much as I have clear vision of where people should be in a photo or what angles to capture them in I don't feel comfortable giving direction. I slowly backed off and started to feel discouraged, again. I went from taking pictures all day every single day to barely once a week, until I realized I had to go back to where the passion comes from. My passion is to capture art in day to day life; that's what I'm good at. Instead of trying to force myself to take pictures of events or doing scheduled photo shoots I decided to go with the more difficult route because it's what I truly want. I don't want to do weddings or engagement shoots as much as I want a picture of what I find to be an artistic looking door hanging up on the wall in an art museum. My dream is to make it in the art industry, I can't picture myself doing anything else.