Local Art Walk

Alex Alberti

Alex Alberti is a photographer based out of Oceanside, CA. He has practiced photography for eight years, and he first specialized in photographing touring bands and sporting events to contribute to local news publications. Using and studying mostly digital media, Alex now practices photography with the goal in mind to bring an authentic and creative approach to the photojournalistic style which he practiced throughout college at the University of Toledo.

Having a driving passion to constantly create memorable photographs, learn, and progress is what fuels Alex as an artist.

He uses his background in photojournalism to capture and convey the feelings and emotions from a moment in time through his images, regardless of whether the subject is a surfer catching a wave, a football player scoring a touchdown, a beautiful sunset, or a couple at their wedding.

Alex plans to continue to expand his creative horizons by capturing stunning nature and landscape photos throughout California while focusing on photographing engagements and weddings.

Check out more on the artist website alexalberti.com, Instagram @alexalbertiphotography and Etsy alexalbertiphoto