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Austin TX

I'll be heading to Texas to chaperone nieces who are going to an animation festival... while I explore the city!

Jotting down some suggestions...


Heading to York!

We have to go to the UK for business, and wanted to attach a holiday too! Since we have been to London, and live by the ocean, we decided to go inland, to somewhere we could experience lots of history. So York it is! Romans, Vikings, Normans, Scots, Tudors - lots of history!

Visit York

York Pass: £42 1-day, £84, £126

Things to do in York:

Outside York









8 - Earth


visitor: Arguments 3 (yang wood)


add fire




1 - Yin Water


visitor: Yellow 5 (yang earth)


add metal




6 - Yin Metal


visitor: Victory 1 (yin water)


add earth


Grand Duke Jupiter




3 - Yang Wood

visitor: Theft 7 (yin metal)


add water


Tai Ch'i

5 - Yang Earth


visitor: Future Luck 9 (yang fire)




7 - Yin Metal


visitor: Illness 2 (earth)





4 - Yang Wood

visitor: Prosperity 8 (earth)


add water


Yearly Clash




9 - Yang Fire


visitor: Romance 4 (yang wood)




2 - Earth


visitor: Heaven Luck 6 (yin metal)


add fire



Change Mailing Address (if have PO Box)

  1. Credit Cards
  2. Investment Account(s)
  3. Mint
  4. Health Insurance
  5. Blood Bank
  6. Timeshare
  7. Frequent Flyer Programs
  8. Online Shopping Websites

Change Residence and Mailing Address:

  1. AAA
  2. Car Insurance
  3. Fidelity
  4. Bank Account
  5. Pharmacy by Mail
  6. Registrar of Voters
  7. County Registrar/Recorder 
  8. DMV - Car Registration + Drivers License
  9. Social Security
  10. Home Insurance
  11. Phone
  12. Cable/Internet Provider
  13. USPS

Storage Unit

  1. need contents insurance


  1. rent own truck, and pay for helpers
  2. pay for helpers+truck

Selling a House


  1. do necessary maintenance
  2. clear out what you definitely don't want, especially
    1. furniture and items in good shape
      1. donate/get rid
        1. Goodwill or other drop-off
        2. electronic and hazardous waste
        3. large item trash pickup (3x/yr, 5 pieces max each time)
        4. dump
      2. sell
        1. craigslist
        2. garage sale
  3. stage house
  4. decide on price
  5. sign broker papers
  6. put house on market
  7. have Broker's Open / Caravan
  8. do individual showings, by request
  9. have Open House
  10. offer
    1. review offers
    2. counter offer
      1. price
      2. escrow period
      3. what's included/not included
        1. appliances
        2. furniture
    3. agreement
  11. disclosures
  12. open escrow
  13. general inspection
    1. brokers visual inspections
    2. inspection report
    3. request for repairs
    4. negotiate/agree on any credits/repairs
    5. pest/termite inspection and remediation
  14. remove inspection contingency
  15. appraisal
  16. remove funding contingency
  17. finish inspection punch list items by a week before closing
  18. buyers walk through, 5 days before closing
  19. move out
  20. close escrow

Long Term Care Insurance

As we experience the aging of our parents and older friends, it is clear that it is important to think about how we will manage a good quality of life when we cannot do everything ourselves. Some statistics:

  • Average age needing Long Term Health Insurance: 81
  • Average duration of stay over 1 year: 3.5 years
  • San Diego County Average for care: $270/day => $99,000/yr (California Averages)

Kinds of Long Term Care:

  1. custodial care - non-skilled personal care, like help with activities of daily living like bathing, dressing, eating, getting in/out of a bed/chair, using the bathroom (source)
  2. skilled nursing care - Nursing care such as help with medications and caring for wounds, and therapies such as occupational, speech, respiratory, and physical therapy
  3. long-term care - Services that include medical and non-medical (custodial) care for people with a chronic illness or disability.
  4. hospice care - Short-term, supportive care for individuals who are have a life expectancy of six months or less. Focuses on pain management and emotional, physical, and spiritual support for the patient and family. It can be provided at home or in a hospital, nursing home, or hospice facility.

Custodial care is the focus of this post.

Medicare does not include custodial care, and you can only get custodial assistance from your state's Medicaid program if you have less than $2000 in assets, and $600 in income (see below for details).

So if you have assets you want to protect, and sufficient income, long term care insurance often makes sense.

Some considerations when choosing a Long Term Care Insurance plan:

  • individual or group plan
    • group plan may be canceled
  • daily or monthly benefit
    • should cover 70% minimum daily benefit
    • you want monthly for home care
  • payment processing
    • reimbursement, indemnity, cash
  • waiting period before benefits start
    • normally 90 days - you pay out of pocket for this amount of time
  • inflation protection
    • important - want compound; typically 3%
  • facility-only or comprehensive that includes in-home care
    • for in-home, you must have a primary caregiver already
  • waiver of premiums while you receive care
  • benefit limits: period/total amount
    • average duration of stay over 1 year is 3.5 years, <15% more than 4 years

Long Term Care Partnership Policy

** not really viable anymore, as premiums have gone up **

California sample insurance rates

finding an agent: Agent Review * LTC Financial Solutions

FYI, if you fill out Schedule A when doing your annual taxes, you can enter long term care premiums, between $700 (less than 50 yrs old) up to $4,660 (over 70 yrs old).

Medicare / Medicaid

You are eligible for Medicare at age 65.  Medicare only covers medically necessary care and does not cover custodial care. Medicare does cover long-term care in a long-term care hospital or skilled nursing facility up to 100 days, some medical in-home care and hospice care. There are a limited number of facilities that are Medicare-certified. Even on Medicare, you are still responsible for copays.

Medicaid pays more of your bills, but you must be eligible.

Financial Eligibility for Medicaid

Assets whose value is counted in determining financial eligibility for Medicaid (max total of $2000):

  •  Checking and savings accounts
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Certificates of deposit
  • Real property other than your primary residence
  • Additional motor vehicles if you have more than one.
  • Cash surrender value of whole life insurance
  • Jewelry over $100
  • Your home if its equity value is greater than $500,000 ($750,000 in some states) and your spouse or child does not live there

Assets that do not get counted for eligibility:

  • Your primary residence
  • Personal property and household belongings, including all jewelry of spouse
  • One motor vehicle used for transportation
  • Whole Life insurance with a face value under $1,500; all Term Life insurance
  • Burial plots
  • IRA of applicant/beneficiary, if it is being distributed via periodic payments of interest and principal
  • IRA of spouse
  • Annuities if it is being distributed via periodic payments of interest and principal computed to be exhausted at the end of annuitant's life expectancy.
  • $2000 in cash

Income included these sources (max $600/mo to fully qualify) :

  • Regular benefit payments such as Social Security retirement or disability payments
  • Veterans benefits
  • Pensions
  • Salaries
  • Wages
  • Interest from bank accounts and certificates of deposit
  • Dividends from stocks and bonds

Spousal Impoverishment

If one person in a married couple needs long term care, the assets of both of them will be drawn down until all copays, etc are paid. So if one person needs long term care and then passes away, the survivor could be left destitute, as they are responsible for any outstanding bills. There is a Spousal Impoverishment Standard, that states that the spouse can have $119,220 in liquid assets and $2981 in monthly income, except if income is in spouse's name, then they can keep it all.

If you have limited assets and income, and will rely primarily on social security, it might not make sense to pay for long term care insurance, as the medical care

Insurance Policy Sources:

California Partnership for Long-Term Care The ABCs of Long Term Care Insurance California Department of Insurance Suze Orman

Government Program Sources: California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform

Dissolving a Non Profit

Did your non profit get absorbed into another one, or has it lost its active status? You have three options:

  1. transition it to a new team
  2. suspend it
  3. officially dissolve it

Transition a Non Profit

If your current team is no longer interested in pursuing your non profit's mission, but there is a new team that would like to do so, you simply need to have the existing board vote the new board into place, and have them elect officers. The mission of the new folks must be consistent with the existing organization, or else the following steps should be taken:

  1. Ensure that the new mission is consistent with the current non profit status of the organization
  2. Amend the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation to reflect the new mission
  3. Notify the IRS via the annual 990 filing
  4. In California, file a Certificate of Amendment of Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State ($30)

Suspend a Non Profit

You might want to suspend your non profit instead of dissolving it if you think it might become active within 2 years, or you think there is another organization that may want to take it over.

Dissolve a Non Profit

Here's what you need to do to officially dissolve a non profit.

Las Vegas

Family Friendly Activities / Places to Visit
  1. Observation Deck @ Stratosphere
  2. Downtown Container Park, made from shipping containers
  3. Viva Vision Light Shows 6pm-1am @ Fremont Street Experience, downtown
  4. Bellagio Conservancy and Botanical Garden
  5. Bellagio Fountain Show
  6. New York New York - just to walk around
  7. The Venetian - just to walk around, also gondola rides
  8. Paris - just to walk around
  9. Caesars Palace - just to walk around
  10. CSI The Experience @ MGM Grand
  11. Titanic Artifact Exhibition @ Luxor
  12. Secret Garden an Dolphin Habitat @ Mirage
  13. Shark Reef Aquarium @ Mandalay Bay
  14. High Roller Observation Wheel @ LINQ (like the London Eye)
  15. Eiffel Tower Experience @ Paris
  16. The Mob Museum
  17. National Atomic Testing Museum
  18. Neon Museum
  19. Pinball Hall of Fame
  20. Big Bus Tour
  21. Hot Air Balloon Ride
  22. Lion Habitat Ranch - maybe not, looks sad...
  23. skiing - Brian Head - 3.5 hrs away
  24. Zip Lines : Voodoo between towers @ Rio; SlotZilla @ Fremont Street Experience
  25. Indoor Sky Diving
  26. Sky Zone Trampoline Park
  27. Trapeze Las Vegas
  28. The World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop from Pawn Stars TV show
  29. Acrylic Tank Manufacturing shop from Tanked TV show
  30. hiking a little ways out of town
  31. mini golf
  32. lots of rollercoasters
  33. shows - burlesque, comedy, magic
  34. lots of zombie stuff (not my thing)
  35. lots of gun, bowling, driving and golf stuff (not my thing)
  1. Roxy's Diner @ Stratosphere - singing waiters 2pm-2am
  2. Margaritaville @ LINQ
  3. Hofbräuhaus Las Vegas - fun in the evenings
  4. Harvest @ Bellagio
  5. Lago @ Bellagio
  6. treats: Le Macaron @ Grand Canal Shops, Venetian
  7. Cleo @ SLS Las Vegas (mediterranean)
  8. Capo's Restaurant and Speakeasy
  9. Mingo Kitchen & Lounge
  10. Hard Rock Cafe @ Hard Rock Casino
  11. Firefly Tapas Kitchen & Bar
  12. Tournament of Kings jousting/dinner @ Excalibur
Public Transportation
  1. Strip to Downtown bus - $20 for 3-day pass, $8 for 24-hr pass, $6 for 2-hr pass
  2. Monorail along Strip (SLS stop is across from Stratosphere) - $28 for 3-day pass, $12 for 24 hr pass, $5 one-ride - I rode this when it first opened (and was free), very nice

Creating a Non Profit

I went through the process of helping to create a non profit for First Friday: Oceanside Art Walk. I'll share that process here. How to decide

  • Option 1: work with an established organization as fiscal agent
    • similar mission
    • typical fees 5%-10%
  • Option 2: join an existing organization
    • make sure it is a cultural fit
  • else pursue 501(c)(3)


  • buy-in from a group of people - if it is going to be a community organization there must be more than just one person invested

First things first

  • develop mission statement
    • answers purpose, how, who benefits
      • example: "The mission of United Way of York County is to inspire the people of York County to make a difference in the lives of their neighbors through financial generosity and volunteer commitment"
  • create board of directors, elect officers
    • establish policy, exercise fiscal responsibility and oversee management (Association of Fundraising Professionals)
    • minimum officers are President, Secretary, Treasurer/CFO
      • President cannot be Secretary or Treasurer, but the person holding the Secretary role can also be the Treasurer
      • Officers cannot be paid for those roles
    • Executive Director cannot be President, but can be Secretary or Treasurer
    • evaluate time, talent, treasure
  • decide whether to engage a lawyer
    • ours made it easy, providing the following services:
      • checked name availability
      • procured EIN
      • created/filed articles of incorporation
      • drafted bylaws
      • drafted initial meeting minutes
      • created/filed IRS Form 1023
      • drafted CT-1
      • drafted FTB 3500A
  • Bylaws
    • rules for calling board meetings, define quorum
    • how/when board members  and officers are selected/elected/removed
    • officer job descriptions
    • pitfalls
    • checklist
  • file Articles of Incorporation ($98)
  • get an Employer Identification Number (EIN)
    • donation letter text: "To comply with IRS requirements regarding charitable donations, we affirm that no goods or services have been provided to you, in whole or in part, in consideration for your contribution."
  • file IRS Form 1023 ($400)
    • no corporate income tax
    • accept tax deductible donations

Put everything in place

  • check name availability
  • create bank account
    • in general, a bank needs your EIN and a copy of the endorsed Articles of Incorporation and possibly the organization's bylaws, signed by the officers
    • the signers on the account should be officers
    • banking rules/guidelines
  • establish PO Box and physical address
  • establish phone number
    • grab free number from Google Voice and forward it to a cell phone
  • create official Initial Meeting Minutes
  • for every meeting, record miniutes
  • put Liability Insurance policy in place
  • policies

Yay! Got the Letter of Determination from the IRS!

  • file CT-1 form with other paperwork to Registry of Charitable Trusts
  • send FTB 3500A form with other paperwork to Exempt Organizations Unit MS F120, CA Franchise Tax Board
  • register with GuideStar to help with Grant applications
  • register with Google for Nonprofits to get access to the Google Apps Suite

Ongoing Filings (for CA entity)

General nonprofit resources:

Arts resources:

Grant resources:

Bible Nuggets - Leviticus

  1. Offerings - what/how to offer 
  2. Clean / Unclean
  3. High Holy Days
  4. Rules of Conduct (ch 19)
  5. The Sabbatical Year (ch 25 v 1-7)
  6. fields/vineyards should be sown/pruned for 6 years, and in the 7th it should lay fallow
  7. Owning property and the Jubilee Year

Bible Nuggets - Genesis

  1. There are 2 Creation stories:

    1. 7 days (ch 1, ch 2 v 1-4)
      1. Day 1: light / darkness
      2. Day 2: sky
      3. Day 3: sea / land, plants that bear seed, fruit that bears fruit with its seed in it
      4. Day 4: sun / moon, stars
      5. Day 5: sea life, birds
      6. Day 6: cattle, creeping things, wild animals, man created in his image, male and female; "be fertile and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it. Have dominion over the fish if the sea, the birds of the air, and all the living things that move on the earth."; man was vegetarian: "See, I give you every seed-bearing plant all over the earth and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit on it to be your food; and to all the animals of the land, all the birds of the air, and all the living creatures that crawl on the ground, I give all the green plants for food."
      7. Day 7: rest
    2. the Garden of Eden (ch 2 v 4-25)
    3. There was no grass or shrub, just a stream "welling up out of the earth"
    4. God formed man out of clay
    5. God planted a Garden in Eden, placed man there and made trees "that were delightful to look at and good for food, with the tree of life in the middle and the tree of the knowledge of good and bad".
    6. There are 4 branches of the river that waters the Garden of Eden - Pishon, Gihon, Tigris, Euphrates.
    7. "It is not good for the man to be alone", so God made wild animals and birds formed out of the ground, and had man name them. But none was a suitable partner so God "cast a deep sleep on the man" and took one of his ribs out, built a woman from it. "that is why a man leaves his father and mother and clings to his wife, and e two of them become one body".
    8. Serpent tempted the woman to eat the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden (tree of life). She "took some of its fruit and ate it; and she also gave some to her husband, who was with her, and he ate it". They then realized they were naked, and hid from God when he was moving about the Garden. God accused the man of eating from the tree, and he said the woma "gave me fruit from the tree, and so I ate it". God asked the woman why and her response was: "The serpent tricked me into it, so I ate it."
    9. As punishment, God gave the woman the pain of childbirth and the man was destined to toil the earth. The serpent would crawl in his belly.
    10. At this point, man names the woman Eve, but the man still has not been named.
    11. God made them leather garments and banished man from the Garden, stationed "the cherubim and the fiery revolving sword" and settled them east of Eden.
  2. In the beginning of Genesis, there are multiple references to there being multiple gods.
  3. Cain and Abel
  4. All men spoke the same language and together built the Tower of Babel. God was not thrilled that they accomplished so much, so each group was given their own language.
  5. Abram -> Abraham
  6. Isaac, son of Abraham
  7. Jacob -> Israel, son of Isaac
  8. 12 Sons of Jacob -> 12 Tribes of Israel
  9. Into Egypt

Bible Nuggets - Overview

It bothers me when "religious" folks grab a passage from the Bible to justify a political or moral position that seems to me to go against the compassion that is the cornerstone of Christianity. I have never read the whole Bible, nor a whole book of the Bible, from beginning to end. So I decided to try to do that, so I can understand the context of excerpts, and be able to talk intelligently in those circumstances.

The 'Bible Nuggets' entries will contain what I consider to be the core stories of each book, and snippets that seem important to me.

I am reading a Saint Joseph Edition of The New American Bible Bible, copyright 1970 by the Catholic Book Publishing Co, the one I purchased in High School for Religion Classes.

Personal Directions and Stars

Personal Directions - Your Kua Number

  1. add last 2 digits of birth year
  2. reduce to single number by adding together if 2 digits
  3. female : add 5 and reduce to a single number by adding together if 2 digits
  4. male : subtract from 10
  5. if 5, male=2, female=8

Face in the direction noted to take advantage of it. Note: must also take into account the directions of unhealthy elements in a particular year.

Kua Number Group Prosperity Sheng Chi Health Tien Yi Relationship Nien Yen Stability Fu Wei Least Favorable Chueh Ming Other Unfavorable
1 East SE E S N SW W, NW, NE
2 West NE W NW SW N E, SE, S
3 East S N SE E W NW, NE, SW
4 East N S E SE NE SW, W, NW
6 East W NE SW NW S N, E, SE
7 West NW SW NE W E N, S, SE
8 West SW NW W NE SE N, E, S
9 East E SE N S NW NE, SW, W

Your Personal Stars

Principal Star

how you are now

  1. add last 2 digits of birth year
  2. reduce result to single number by adding together if 2 digits
  3. principal star = subtract result from 10
    Principal Star Color Element Direction
    1 White Water N
    2 Black Earth SW
    3 Green Wood E
    4 Green Wood SE
    5 Yellow Earth Center
    6 White Metal NW
    7 Red Metal W
    8 White Earth NE
    9 Purple Fire S

Character Star

who you revert to when you are stressed, how you manifest yourself as a child

Birth Date Principal Star of 1, 4, 7 Principal Star of 2, 5, 8 Principal Star of 3, 6, 9
February 4 - March 5 8 2 5
March 6 - April 5 7 1 4
April 6 - May 5 6 9 3
May 6 - June 5 5 8 2
June 6 - July 7 4 7 1
July 8 - August 7 3 6 9
August 8 - September 7 2 5 8
September 8 - October 8 1 4 7
October 9 - November 7 9 3 6
November 8 - December 7 8 2 5
December 8 - January 5 7 1 4
January 6 - February 3 6 9 3

Energetic Star

how you leave a first impression

Principal Star
 Character Star 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9

Flying Star / Lo Shu

This chart is a combination of items learned by Chinese astrology, Flying Star and Feng Shui, and I put it all together to help me have everything in one place for multiple purposes (personal alignment, personal astrology, home alignment, etc), though all info does not necessarily connect to each other, and using the information requires knowledge of the impacts of personal alignment, house alignment, annual energies and other considerations.

Direction SouthEast South SouthWest
Star 4 green - romance 9 purple 2 black - illness
Area Abundance Fame + Recognition Intimate Relationships
Element yang wood (+water, -fire) yang fire (+wood, -water) earth (+fire, -wood)
Colors green red, purple, pink, orange yellow, beige, terra cotta
Shapes column, pillar cone, triangle, star square, rectangle
Suggestions plants, flowers, wood, books candles, lighting, animals terra cotta, shells, ceramics, tile
Animal  Red Phoenix
Season rapid growth fame germination / flux
Compass Dragon (112.5 - 127.5) Wood (127.5 - 142.5) Snake (142.5 - 157.5) Yang Fire (157.5 - 172.5) Horse (172.5 - 187.5) Yin Fire (187.5 - 202.5) Sheep/Goat (202.5 - 217.5) Earth (217.5 - 232.5) Monkey (232.5 - 247.5)
Direction East Tai Ch'i West
Star star: 3 green - misunderstanding 5 yellow- misfortune 7 red - theft
Area Family Center Creativity
Element yang wood (+water, -fire) yang earth (+fire, -wood) yin metal (+earth, -fire)
Colors green yellow, beige, terra cotta white, gray, metallic
Shapes column, pillar square, rectangle circle, oval, arch
Suggestions plants, flowers, wood, books terra cotta, shells, ceramics, tile silver, gold, bronze, copper, iron, electronics, precious stones
Animal Green Dragon
Season sprouting / growth center stage / fluctuation celebration / balance
Compass Yang Wood (67.5 - 82.5) Rabbit (82.5 - 97.5) Yin Wood (97.5 - 112.5) Yang Metal (247.5 - 262.5) Rooster (262.5 - 277.5) Yin Metal (277.5 - 292.5)
Direction NorthEast North NorthWest
Star 8 white - prosperity 1 white 6 white - heaven luck
Area Personal Growth Career/Life Purpose Helpful People + Travel
Element earth (+fire, -wood) yin water (+metal, -earth) yin metal (+earth, -fire)
Colors yellow, beige, terra cotta blue, black white, gray, metallic
Shapes square, rectangle free form shape circle, oval, arch
Suggestions terra cotta, shells, ceramics, tile fountain, glass, bird bath silver, gold, bronze, copper, iron, electronics, precious stones
Animal Black Tortoise White Tiger
Season contemplation / flux planting / stillness prosperity / harvesting
Compass Tiger (52.5 - 67.5) Mountain (37.5 - 52.5) Ox (22.5 - 37.5) Yang Water (337.5 - 352.5) Rat (352.5 - 7.5) Yin Water (7.5 - 22.5) Dog (292.5 - 307.5) Metal (307.5 - 322.5) Boar/Pig (322.5 - 337.5)

Element Relationships

Water in Wood in Fire in Earth in Metal in
Water  :) :| use metal ok  :( use metal  :)
Wood  :) :)  :| use water  ok  :( use water
Fire :( use wood :)  :)  :| use wood  ok
Earth  ok  :( use fire  :)  :)  :| use fire
Metal  :| use earth  ok  :( use earth  :)  :)

Source for compass degrees - Flying Star Feng Shui Made Easy by David Twicken

For an expert consultation, please contact Kathryn at Feng Shui Resource

Feng Shui 2015



home: 8 (earth)

visitor: Heaven Luck 6 (yin metal)


add fire

Yearly Clash (22.5 - 37.5)

Tiger (52.5 – 67.5)) Ox (22.5 – 37.5)


home: 1 (yin water)

visitor: Prosperity 8 (earth)


add metal



home: 6 (yin metal)

visitor: Romance 4 (yang fire)


add earth

Dog (292.5 – 307.5) Boar/Pig (322.5 – 337.5)


home: 3 (yang wood)

visitor: 1 (yin water)



Tai Ch'i

home: 5 (yang earth)

visitor: Arguments 3 (yang wood)


add fire


home: 7 (yin metal)

visitor: Yellow 5 (yang earth)




home: 4 (yang fire)

visitor: Illness 2 (earth)


add wood

Dragon (112.5 – 127.5) Snake (142.5 – 157.5)


home: 9 (yang fire)

visitor: Theft 7 (yin metal)




home: 2 (earth)

visitor: 9 (yang fire)


Grand Duke Jupiter (202.5 - 217.5)

Sheep/Goat (202.5 – 217.5) Monkey (232.5 – 247.5)

Feng Shui for the New Year

When Chinese New Year comes around, it is important to check out the Lo Shu Square and see what changes you need to make in your house to enhance auspicious sectors and offset afflicted ones.

The main afflictions are:

  • Grand Duke Jupiter (obstacles)
    • clean sector thoroughly this sector of the house should be basically left alone
    • should not face this direction or have bed in this direction
    • no wind chimes or bird feeders, anything that attracts motion
    • place Pi Yao in appropriate sector, facing appropriate direction to confront/protect from that energy
  • Yearly Clash (opposite Grand Duke Jupiter)
    • this sector of the house should be basically left alone
    • should not face this direction or have bed in this direction
    • no wind chimes or bird feeders, anything that attracts motion
  • #2 - illness : combat with 6 coins on red cord
  • #3 - arguments : combat by adding some fire elements, but not too much
  • Yellow #5 - misfortune, illness : combat with salt water cure
  • #7 - theft, burglary, betrayal : combat with 3-stalk bamboo plant in glass vase

The main auspicious stars are:

#1 - Victory star, good luck : enhance with metal coins #4 - romance : enhance with pair of ducks #6 - synchronicity, Heaven luck : enhance with metal wind chime, representation of spirit helpers - Buddha, angels, etc #8 - prosperity, money : enhance with crystals, money vase #9 - multiplying, future luck, future opportunities, future money


compare the year's animal with your animal(s) based on your birth year/month/day/time


  • Rat, Dragon, Monkey
  • Ox, Snake, Rooster/Phoenix
  • Tiger, Horse, Dog
  • Rabbit, Sheep/Goat, Boar/Pig
Conflicting Pairs

  • Rat - Horse
  • Ox - Sheep/Goat
  • Tiger - Monkey
  • Rabbit - Rooster/Phoenix
  • Dragon - Dog
  • Snake - Boar/Pig

General Approach:

  1. what stars are in what sectors
  2. compare sector 'home' elements to 'visiting' elements and see if the relationship is good, bad or indifferent
  3. craft cures to compensate for negative elements/spaces and enhance positive ones
  4. evaluate house sectors based on Bagua map overlaid with Lo Shu, taking into account house direction, inhabitant directions and animal(s)
  5. clean/bless crystals, Pi Yao, protectors, other elements of cures and replace Bagua Mirror if necessary
  6. space clearing
  7. implement cures
  8. red envelope outside front door with offering
  9. give thanks and welcome new year


Usually people think of New Year's Resolutions, but I say any milestone is good time to assess and re-focus: birthday, turn of a season, beginning of a month! Hear are the categories I like to use to assess where I am and where I want to be, and make sure I don't neglect one area of my life. I came upon these areas by combining the '7 Ports of Life' from a program I attended by Main Event Management many years ago plus the areas of Feng Shui.

  1. Relationship
  2. Family / Friends
  3. Health - Diet and Fitness
  4. Spirituality
  5. Civic
  6. Career / Life's Purpose
  7. Recreation
  8. Abundance / Financial Goals
  9. Travel
  10. Self Development / Creativity
  11. Home Improvement