The current focus of this site is to share articles, opinions and resources to keep an eye on how we can rebuild as a country and how to influence policies for the good of the whole country. The goal is to be informed and vigilant in defending the most vulnerable of our society, in addition to making sure the country moves forward in a direction that benefits us all.

In general, this site is an attempt to look at local, state and national races and propositions with clarity.  I read through all the official summaries and text of laws, and summarized their biggest points so you don’t have to!

Feel free to let me know if you would like to contribute an article, have additional information to add, or if there is a topic you would like to see covered!

Here are some tools to help make an informed decision:

And don’t forget to VOTE!

Here you will find fact-based info and thoughtful opinions about the specifics of issues and forces at work, not talking-head prediction/spin stuff. The goal is for this to be a place where you can become informed, plus how to be involved, without being overwhelmed.

Here are some ideas:


  • Economy
    • Trickle down economics
    • Ayn Rand
  • Security
    • Nuclear arms race
    • Presidential war powers without Congressional approval
  • Net neutrality
  • Presidential cabinet
  • Elections
    • Term Limits
    • Election Financing
    • Recount rules
    • Electoral college
  • Education
    • Charter Schools
    • Common core
    • Creationism in public schools
  • Environment
    • Fracking
    • Climate change
    • Dakota Access Pipeline
  • Other
    • Compassion and Empathy
    • Cognitive dissonance
    • Historical perspective reading list