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Before You Go...

Be sure you take care of some things that will help make both your trip less stressful and your arrival home smoother:
  • reservations - for ideas and recommendations, for reservations, VRBO for home stays
  • watch movie and/or read book about/set in destination
  • brush up on the language - Duolingo
  • put reservation and activity details in 'My Trips'
  • printout of ATMs and internet cafes
  • print reservation info, prep journal
  • set up/configure travel blog (
  • arrange for pet sitter
  • prep pet - food, litter, nails trimmed
  • fill containers (<1000ml) with liquids: shampoo, conditioner, face scrub, witch hazel, toner, face creme, hand lotion
  • test pack 1 quart plastic bag with liquids (carry on)
  • get taxi fare in local currency
  • check that cell phone has international access
  • call credit cards, tell about travels
  • stop mail
  • cancel standing volunteer commitments
  • cancel CSA and other subscriptions
  • get nails, eyebrows done
  • clean off photo memory cards
  • charge electronics
  • back up computer
  • stash valuables at home
  • yardwork
  • water plants
  • fill birdfeeders
  • clean house, change sheets